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"Fall Bouquet" by Jill Haglund

Jill will walk you through her version of painting the Early Fall Bouquet step by step. From setting up your painting area, choosing materials, mixing colors and applying the paint, you will learn exactly how to create your own fall bouquet painting!

Early Fall Inspiration Bouquet

Here is the inspiration for our "Early Fall Bouquet" painting course. Each season we will paint a new bouquet demonstrating step-by-step instructions for you to paint along with us in our individual art studios.

We also offer lots of extras too such as -

favorite materials, tips on painting, information on our 'Art Heroes', fun exercises to learn color mixing, how to critique to improve your own work and so much more.

You will have a course by each artist every season so by the end you will paint 12 completely different paintings.

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"Early Fall Bouquet" by Annie O'Brien Gonzales

Paint along step by step with Annie as she creates this painting. She will tell you exactly which materials work best and take you through creating this painting layer by layer. You can do this too!

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