3 Master Painters~

6 Courses~

2 Excellent Teachers!

Save $$ by bundling all 3 Master Painters courses. Annie and Jill will teach you the techniques used by three beloved Master Painters-



Van Gogh

Learn from each of these incredible Expressive painters to create your own beautiful masterpieces. Suitable for beginning painters as well as those experiences painters who want to learn the techniques of these masters!

Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse

Learn to paint with the techniques of Fauvist Expressive painter Henri Matisse!

Paul Cezanne

Learn to paint with the beautiful color & design of the painter who changed the course of Modern Art-Paul Cezanne!

Vincent Van Gogh

Learn the exciting techniques of beloved Post Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh!

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Paint with Matisse, Cezanne & Van Gogh

Inspired by the Masters!

Jill and Annie will teach you to paint like the Master Painters Matisse, Cezanne & Van Gogh. Two expressive artists will each guide you through painting a Masters' painting and then creating your own painting using the techniques of each of these painters. Six step by step lessons with lots of extras including recommendations for materials, painting techniques, art history of each painter. Lessons will be in acrylic paint and are suitable for beginners as well as experienced painters. Learn the techniques these fabulous beloved painters used to make your own masterpiece!