The "Two Holiday Bouquet Paintings" Courses by Jill & Annie are open December 3, 2020!

Just a 'Tiny Bit' of What You Will Learn in Our Holiday Courses:

You will:

  • discover why Golden's Iridescent Gold and Silver acrylic paint is a favorite for artists
  • understand why experimenting and being fearless is the best way to learn how to use your paint colors
  • see the Silver Brush Series Filbert and Bright brushes in action and the unique brush strokes each one makes while painting Hydrangeas on the canvas- and why it's fun to try different brushes
  • how to incorporate marks, patterns and designs in your paintings
  • see how to include the new bold color trends on your palette
  • gain understanding Golden's Fluid Matte Medium and why Annie and Jill both use it instead of water
  • become familiar with adding textures to your vases
  • practice a step by step method of creating an acrylic painting
  • experience staying "loose" while discovering your style of painting
  • discover the joy of expressive painting

NOTE : In the Bonus Class on Mixed Media you will learn:

  • experimenting with gift wrap as collage papers and how to transform your acrylic painting into a 'mixed-media' piece of art
  • how to write on deli-paper with a Fine Line Applicator and collage it on top of your painting
  • to use Golden's Matte Medium as an adhesive
  • the secret for keeping bubbles out of your collage work
  • and acquire the skill of using a filbert brush to paint Hydrangeas

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