Fast-speed painting inspired by Cezanne!

Just a little teaser on Cezanne before we start the course:

Early in Paul Cezanne's life he did not take his painting seriously, he did sketches, painting and wrote poetry to pass time, more then think about a future in art. His father wanted him to go to law school, he attended for a while and then quite and went to his home village of Aix to work in his father bank, needless to say he did not like it, it was possibly then realized he wanted to paint for a living and went to Paris.

Paul Cezanne had to convince his father to allow him to go to Paris to become an artist. Finally, his father agreed to financially support his venture if he would apply to the prestigious 'Ecole des Beau-Arts' (School of Fine Arts). So Paul Cezanne finally went to Paris- his dream! Once there, he was terribly dishearten, as he was not accepted into the establishment of the School of Fine Arts because he failed the exam- they called his paintings clumsy and unconventional.

He soon yearned for Aix and so spent most of his life ferrying back and forth from Paris to Aix- painting in both places- toting his favorite chest and vases with him at times. Cezanne was not accepted in the art salons by the Paris Jury in Paris to exhibit his art because they claimed his work departed from the Neoclassical stye of the time. There were many years where he and his art was ridiculed and and he was criticized -by the art critics, the press, many other artists and of course art buyers-he was over 50 years old before he finally got into a show at the Salon.

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