What will I learn in the Fall Bouquet Painting courses?

What will you learn in "Two Fall Paintings" Courses by Jill & Annie?

  • Two step by step instructional painting courses of a beautiful Fall Bouquet--Jill will teach you the techniques of her expressive style and Annie will paint the same bouquet demonstrating her 7 step approach to acrylic painting.

Plus lots of extras:

  • Overview of the Golden Modern Theory color mixing basics
  • Tips on caring for your brushes
  • Finding inspiration from your Art Heroes
  • More photo references of bouquets for you to paint
  • Art Book Review


  • What are the best supplies to use and why we LOVE GOLDEN ARTIST COLORS Acrylic Paints!
  • How to set-up your paint palette to mix the colors you want.
  • Why we use Fluid Matte Medium over water for painting.
  • Practice exercises for building your color mixing skills.
  • How to accomplish a 'loose roadmap' for your sketch in only a few minutes!
  • How to ground your canvas using Fluid Acrylic Paint.
  • Paint along in 9 STEP-BY-STEP videos and lean techniques to paint roses, Alstroemeria and greenery with Golden's Heavy Body Acrylics.
  • A fun techique for painting roses!
  • How to scrape texture into heavy body paint with a special little 'tool" to create drama and intrest in your painting.
  • Painting a style of 'HOW TO STAY LOOSE AND EXPRESSIVE' in your painting
  • How to keep your paint colors clean and fresh.


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