June & July Fast & Fearless Bouquet + Reference Photos

Welcome to Fast & Fearless Flowers- an online acrylic painting class where you can enjoy painting floral art in about an hour using very minimal supplies. Annie and I will each employ our own style and individual techniques to facilitate instruction for a painting using similar floral still life set-ups. Yes, that's TWO classes for you - and we will be offering this for you to enjoy each and every month during 2022

Not only will you have fun and learn a new skill, but your finished art is fun to display in your home next to your bouquet! . Be fearless! Go grab a bouquet and join in on the fun today!

Special Introductory price is only $29.00 each month, for a very LIMITED time!

PLEASE NOTE: We use a bouquet from HEB Grocery Floral Department called the Lone Star Living Bouquet- every month. If you live in Texas you can pick one up to paint, if not you can purchase similar flowers to paint OR use our printable reference photos.


  1. If you live in Texas, my still life is the Lone Star Living Bouquet for July at most HEB Grocery stores in Texas.
  2. You can also use my reference photo or photos from Lone Star Living Bouquet's social media -for the month of June or July (see below).
  3. You are welcome to choose similar or favorite flowers and paint along with me.
  4. Use your favorite vase to make the arrangement truly yours because that makes it even much more fun to display in your home decor, next to your art.

Floral Photo References can be found on the following Social Media links:

Lone Start Living Bouquet:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lonestarlivingB/

INSTAGRAM: @lonestarlivingb

Jill Haglund:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/jill.haglund.3


WEBSITE: https://www.jillhaglund.com/

GOLDEN ARTIST EDUCATOR: https://goldenpaints.com/gaep/Jill.Haglund/1806

SILVER BRUSH EDUCATOR: https://www.silverbrush.com/jill-haglund.htm

Annie O'Brien Gonzales:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/annie.gonzales.52/

INSTAGRAM: @annieobriengonzales

WEBSITE: www.annieobriengonzales.com

GOLDEN ARTIST EDUCATOR: https://education.goldenpaints.com/gaep/Annie.OBrien%20Gonzales/1813

SILVER BRUSH EDUCATOR: https://www.silverbrush.com/ann-obrien-gonzales.html

Almost missed the June bouquet because I was in Boston all month long visiting my brand new grandson and family!

But never fear! Here is a fun finished painting I did with the June Bouquet PLUS a fast-speed painting of the JUNE Lone Star Living Bouquet as well -as I quickly grabbed one at H-E-B Blooms -while they were still a few available when I got back to Texas the last day of the month.

Now let's begin the reference photos for the July Lone Star Living Bouquet. You can download these to take a look. All bouquet images below are for you to print, you wish, as a reference while you paint.

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