Welcome to June/July "Fast & Fearless Flowers"

Online Acrylic

Painting Course

Annie & Jill will be your instructors for two separate classes.

Each month Lone Star Living Bouquet offers a unique floral arrangement in the HEB Blooms Floral Department at HEB Grocery Stores throughout Texas. If you live in Texas, please pick up a July Lone Star Living Bouquet and paint with Jill.

Annie has chosen Sunflowers to paint this month, please check out your grocery or florist for her favorite summer flower to paint along with Annie.


  • Pick up similar or favorite flowers and join the fun!
  • Or use our printable photo references of our bouquets to paint as well.

Annie and I are excited to have you join us on our June/July Combo 'Fast & Fearless Flowers' painting courses for beginners or seasoned artists!

MINIMUM TIME : One hour course each artist



*Disclaimer: Jill's class this month is longer than 1- hour

Annie Paints Sunflowers:
EVERYONE'S Favorite !

Look what you can do on ONE hour! Annie creates this stunning expressive piece of art from a summer color palette of yellows, purples and teal-blues!!

Summer means bright, fun colors. Sunflowers and Alstromerias provide exactly what we are looking for our floral still life this month.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Summer is a time to relax, take walks, enjoy the weather and also the flowers! Hopefully with whatever is on your schedule, you are taking time for yourself and doing the things you love most!

We hope that includes picking out a fresh bouquet, arranging it with a few of your favorite things and painting a piece of art to display in your home!

Adding meaningful items in your still life = a more personal painting!

This month's Lone Star Living Bouquet features lilies and roses. Jill added a few favorite 'treasures' to her set up to make it more fun.

TIP: Be sure to take a photo or two at different angles so when your bouquet is gone, you still have a good reference for painting.

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