Materials & Warm-up with Color Mixing

Spring Course SUPPLY LIST- Jill Haglund-s Pink Lilies -Go Big! .pdf

I forgot to mention my 'texture tool' on the supply list! There are a lot of small texture tools on the market for artists to scrape their paint- just google

"artist texture tools" and have fun looking- and take your pick.

If your wanting to parctice mixing colors before you begin to paint. Here's a little video to inspire you to spend a few hours experimenting with Golden's Modern Theory Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set.

Golden's Modern Theory Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set includes this free color mixing chart, pictured- it's a fantastic reference for mixing paint colors. See how to use the chart in the Color-Mixing video.

How To Mix Paint to Get the Colors You Want.pdf
Modern Theory Color Mixing Guide.pdf
Brush Care & Maintenance .pdf

It is always good to get a refresher on brush care; if you purchase quality brushes and give them TLC, they will last a very long time. I always recommend and love the Art Sherpa Angle Brush and the Bristlon Brush Series by Silver Brush Limited! IF you have watched very many of my videos you might catch me giving them a big kiss once in a while- LOL

Joking aside, you create a special bond with your materials and supplies- especially when they are quality paints and brushes that always perform well for you when your painting.

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