What You Will Learn in Annie & Jill's 'Spring' Course.

A few things you will you learn in painting Annie's Spring course:

  1. Choosing a color scheme from your flowers.
  2. Step by step method of creating an acrylic painting.
  3. Glazing to enrich your colors.
  4. Enhancing value difference in your painting to increase impact.
  5. How to mix lots of greens!

A few things you will you learn in painting Jill's Spring course:

  1. How to add a stencil for design and texture.
  2. Overcoming the fear of tackling a large canvas.
  3. Understand how we many times make painting decisions as we go or 'on the fly'-everything is not planned in advance as that takes the expressiveness, lightheartedness, freedom and spontaneity out being an artist.
  4. Why she loves Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints and Golden Fluid Matte Medium.
  5. Learn that when you paint in acrylics, if you do not like what you painted in an area or feel like you 'make a mistake', it is SO EASY to fix by covering it with paint and re approach that area.
  6. To consider use of colored chalk for your rough sketch, especially on a large canvas where a lot of lines in the same color can be confusing.
  7. TWO free lessons- One Special lesson you can share with your mom- a "Mother's Day' painting to do together!

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