New Analogous Colors for Bouquets in 2023

Analogous color list

There are 12 analogous color combinations that designers can choose from. Each color scheme is a group of 3 colors, with each group occupying a section of the color wheel. To better understand what colors are organized into each of these groupings, take a look at the analogous color list below:

  • Yellow – Yellow-green, yellow, yellow-orange
  • Yellow-Orange – Yellow, yellow-orange, orange
  • Orange – Yellow-orange, orange, red-orange
  • Red-Orange – Orange, red-orange, red
  • Red – Red-orange, red, red-violet
  • Red-Violet – Red, red-violet, violet
  • Violet – Red-violet, violet, blue-violet
  • Blue-Violet – Violet, blue-violet, blue
  • Blue – Blue-violet, blue, blue-green
  • Blue-Green – Blue, blue-green, green
  • Green – Blue-green, green, yellow-green
  • Yellow-Green – Green, yellow-green, yellow

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