Introduction, Overview & Studio Set-up

We use a Lone Star Living Bouquet for the Summer Seasonal Course. You can use the Lone Star Living Seasonal Bouquet too because it's available at all HEB Grocery stores in Texas, our please print and refer to our photo references for the class or can also choose flowers that our similar.

The important part of our course is we always like to have a fresh bouquet to paint from- the life and beauty of real flowers add more joy to your painting experience. Not only that- but it's a lot of fun to display your painting next to your bouquet in your favorite vase. The BEST part is the Lone Star Living Bouquet is available for an entire month- so you can keep refilling your vase next to your art with fresh flowers display it all month long in your home.

If it is at all possible in your home to set up a small area with your basics for painting, we reccommend your doing that because you're always ready, you will paint more often and become a bteer artist much quicker.

I did a painting for you on the orange ground canvas-it was pretty long over 3 hours! Due to the length, I decided to make edit it to a high-speed and include it for you. I'll be doing a different painting for our step-by -step lessons for the Summer Bouquet. Hope you enjoy this warm-up clip and it creates a little excitement for you about painting flowers!

A little chat about our bouquet, color mixing and a materials review.

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