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Another Season! Another Course! Another lovely Bouquet! We always look forward to the time together painting with you each month and hope you're enjoying it just as much as we are..

Early Spring is a perfect time to tell friends about the learning experiences and the 'art time' you're carving out with

Please share the great value OPTIONS we are offer:

SAVE $$$ AND BUY THE BUNDLE FOR ONLY $16.25 PER MONTH AND GET TWO courses SIX times a year = TWELVE can create a new painting each month.


Buy any ONE Seasonal Course for $39 and get TWO complete classes by each artist.

Consider celebrating a meaningful friendship by buying a floral painting course as a gift - that way you can paint together and may even start a new lifetime hobby together!

Early Spring Bouquet


You can purchase the exact seasonal Spring bouquet we use to set up our floral still life - the Spring Lone Star Living Bouquet -at HEB Grocery stores throughout Texas.


-You can use our Lone Star Living Bouquet course reference photos

-Pick similar fresh flowers to arrange and your favorite vase.

Two Complete Courses in ONE CLASS!

Annie O'Brien Gonzales and Jill Haglund offer TWO complete courses in 'Two Early Spring Bouquets'.

Both artists will be painting the exact same bouquet to offer you two unique approaches to acrylic still life painting.

You will learn everything from using fabric as inspiration in your still life, quick sketching in chalk on your canvas, setting up your palette, to mixing paint colors and 'mark making' with unique tools to create whimsical patterns and much more.

Some of the most fun will be experimenting how to paint Hydrangeas with a Filbert Brush from Sliver Brush Limited. It's so much easier witthe right TOOLS and MATERIALS.

Get Whimsical!

Painting can be a ton of fun; let us show you how to make it a magical experience!

Can't wait to see you in our virtual studios!

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