Introduction to "Paint with Matisse: Inspired by the Masters"

Curriculum for “Paint with Matisse- Inspired by the Masters” .pdf

Hi! I'm Annie, this is my Introduction to our course "Paint with Matisse: Inspired by the Masters!"

There are so many reasons to learn from Master Artists' paintings!

You will:

  • learn to paint faster
  • experience more fun and less frustration because the subject matter and color palette are already picked for you
  • have an opportunity to try new techniques you never even thought about
  • learn more then you could ever imagine about mixing paint colors
  • develop a keen eye as you learn to study a painting in detail to see exactly how areas of the painting were accomplished
  • never run out of inspiration-simple 'google' your favorite master artist painter - to see all their art work pop up for your to explore and choose another painting for learning
  • end up with a gallery wall of master artist paintings!
  • be intrigued by art history and grow an appreciation of art in a new way
  • as your curiosity regarding the artist grows, you will most likely want to delve deeper and study the artist life and work

HI! I'm Jill and here is just a little preview of a few clips from my part of the course to give you just an idea of what you will learn in our "Paint with Matisse: Inspired by the Masters" course. I am thoroughly enjoying learning from Henri Matisse, there is so much I can apply and still keep my own style of art and my techniques. I hope you consider trying our course too, to help you learn to paint better, faster!

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