Things to Consider While Taking this Course

After I finished my part in the class I thought it would be great to give you a few important tips for getting the most out of our "Inspired by the Masters"Series, whether you are a beginning painter or a seasoned artist. One of the most imporatnet things to consider is not every painting is going to be a masterpiece and this course on being inspired by the masters is a course on process of discovering & learning, which sometimes we don't spend enough time on because we focus on the end result. Annie and I both love the 'process of painting' more then anything else. We want to share that with you and encourage growing as an artist by experimenting when your at the easel.

Before you begin the painting for each course it is a good idea to print out the reference photos and sincerely study them. By that I mean look over all the details with different objectives each time you study it.

Considerpoints such as:

  • what is the over all color palette?
  • what is the overall mood of the painting?
  • what exactly is drawing me to this piece of art?
  • did the artist use a thick or thin application of paint?
  • can I take time to practice the color palette first?
  • will I consider and have time to dedicate to painting it more then once? Because that is where growth as an artist begins.

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